This Place is a Mess

It's funny in a not-so-funny way that I can look back on things that I've written a couple of weeks ago and think that I sound like a rambling mess. This will be a short post. You'll know that posts are going to be short when I say things like 'this will be a short post' just to get an extra sentence in to make it look like a longer post. Anywho, those entries are going to stand because I didn't start this to hide. But, I'm beginning to think that it needs to morph a bit.

Ever since the election, I've found myself having 'holy shit', semi-panic attacks. Now, to be clear, I know the clinical definition of a panic attack and these are definitely not those. Yes, from time to time I have anxiety, but I don't think I've ever had a full blown panic attack. That said, I do believe that the election has amplified my low points and perhaps even caused some outright. It's weird.

When you have faith in something that is tangible - our laws, governmental system, freedoms, news, other fucking people for godssake - and that faith is shaken to its core by half of the country losing their shit and casting a vote for that guy, it punched my faith right in the mouth. Look, I've know that there are multitudes of stupid people. I've been to Alabama and Mississippi. Okay, that's mean. Stupid people are everywhere.

I just didn't know that there were that many, and it depressed me when the numbers were added up. Then, they got entrenched and actually rallied around the ass-hat. If it weren't for Twitter and the fact that it's great entertainment, I'd be in another country now waiting hopefully for the impeachment/next election.

That's not true. I have a family. I have kids. They're in great schools. We're white (born lucky). We're affluent to an extent (by hard work - the wife and I grew up poor). That said, we're not the types to stand by idly and let things burn. She marched with the women. I'm marching at some point. In the meantime, I'm getting the angst out here. I'm also tweeting. I know, right. Whatever. It's therapeutic.

BTW - Today's song - 'Where Is My Mind' - joke.